Reopening Guidance

Remember, best business practices for COVID-19 may change over time. Contact the state COVID-19 hotline at 211 or WEDC at 855.INWIBIZ (855.469.4249) for the latest guidance.

For industry-specific guidance, please visit our Industry-Specific Guidance for Reopening webpage

Social (Physical) Distancing

  • Clearly communicate your business’s expectations and commitment to social distancing by displaying signage on premises and on your website, if applicable.
  • Keep store traffic to a manageable size based on current guidelines.
  • Implement measures for maintaining social distancing between employees and customers, and also employees and employees, where possible.
  • Minimize and reduce interaction with common touchpoints, such as item handoff, cash transactions, etc.
  • Post signage on the front door letting customers know about changes to your policies and instruct them to stay away if they are experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Face Coverings

  • Utilize the proper types and amount of PPE where needed.
  • Employees should wear cloth or disposable facemasks where direct interactions with customers are unavoidable
  • If disposable gloves are used, replace gloves frequently, especially when switching between  customers, and always sanitize or wash hands between changing pairs of gloves.
  • Avoid touching the face, especially if wearing a facemask and gloves.


  • Frequently clean and disinfect common touchpoints and high traffic areas using approved disinfectants or sanitizers, if working in areas where food is stored, produced, served, or packaged.
  • Common areas include door handles, desks, phones, light switches, and faucets.
  • Provide soap and water and access to hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 % alcohol for use by employees and customers.
  • Provide tissues and trash receptacles which do not require touching.

Employee Health

  • Implement clear policies and provide education to employees regarding illness and symptoms, specifically COVID-19.
  • Implement telework and other social distancing practices.
  • Exclude any employee from the workplace who is symptomatic.
  • Contact your local health department if one or more employees become ill.
  • Greenfield Health Department: (414)329-5275

For more detailed information, visit the WEDC website for the complete Wisconsin General Guidance for all Business.