Brews and Bites TRIVIA NIGHT

Brews And Bites Trivia Night

Summer 2020 was a big success! We hope to bring it back in 2021. 

The Brews & Bites Trivia Night Presented by Clement Manor features weekly interactive Trivia games live-hosted by Quizmaster. Play by yourself or with a team of up to 8 people and test you knowledge on a variety of categories including history, geography, music, film, tv, sports, advertising slogans, art and literature, fashion and design, food and drink, film quote clips, music clips, science and nature, toys and games, tv theme songs, and useless knowledge.

Get a little help by visiting Quizmaster’s Facebook page the day of the event for hints on that evenings quiz.

Featuring beer, beverages, and food vendors each week. 


Thank you to our Sponsor:

Clement Manor