Finance Department - Accounting & Treasurer

Remote Procedures for the Payment of Taxes, Sewer Bills, and Dog/Cat Licenses During COVID-19

To avoid the potential spread of COVID-19, City Hall departments are closed to the public, with the exception of the City Clerk’s Office for early voting and voter registration purposes. This is in compliance with the Safer At Home order issued by Governor Evers.  During this time, residents are still able to pay their tax bill and sewer bill, as well as register their dog or cat.  Please click on the appropriate headings below to learn more about processing your payment. We are also available by phone to assist you with your questions at (414) 329-5259. As a reminder, there is a drop box next to the south entrance of City Hall.  Please DO NOT put any cash payments in the drop box.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Property Tax Installment Due Date

The City has received phone callsand emails, regarding whether or not we are considering changing the nextproperty tax installment due date. We certainly appreciate everyone that hasreached out to us and understand your concern. Unfortunately, the currentState law (WI State Statute 74.12) does not allow municipalities to change theinstallment payment date in the year the payment is due. The City hascontacted our State Senators and our State Representatives, in order to bringthis matter to their attention. We have requested that they discuss thisissue at the State level and consider changing this Statute, in order for us togive our residents the financial flexibility that they are looking for duringthis pandemic. As of right now, the City of Greenfield’s next propertytax installment due date is April 30th. Please continue tocheck-in on this page (Finance Department) of the City’s website forupdates. Thank you and have a good day!

The Finance Department is committed to the financial integrity of the City by providing accurate and timely financial information to the Common Council, the various Boards & Committees, the Mayor and other City Departments. By doing so, those parties are able to make appropriate decisions to effectively manage the City’s operations. The Finance Department consists of 3 areas: Accounting Division, Treasurer’s Division, and Assessor’s Office.

Specific responsibilities of the Finance Department include:

Accounts payable

Accounts receivable

Billing and collections

Cash and investment management

Debt management

Maintenance of all financial records

Budget development, monitoring, and administration

Preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports, including distribution of the annual audit

Payroll processing and related records management

Property tax collections

Governmental reporting requirements