Environmental Health

  1. Animal Health & Animal Bites

    The Environmental Health Specialist performs inspections and licensing of animal fanciers, pet shops, and grooming establishments. All Animal bites are reported to the Health Department for follow-up.

  2. Food & Water Safety

    Food safety is important to everyone, for information on how to keep you and your family safety form food born illness. People with private wells have them checked regularly.

  3. Health Nuisances

    Public health nuisances can cause harm to persons and property. This section also provides information about housing issues and indoor air quality.

  4. Lead Poisoning

    “The Childhood Lead Prevention Program” was created as a way to meet a goal for the Healthiest Wisconsin 2010.

  5. Radon

    Radon information and test kits are available through the Health Department. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that permeates through the ground into dwelling spaces. Exposure to radon is a leading cause of lung cancer.

  6. Licensing & Inspections

    Routine inspections are performed by the health department to insure the public safety. The health department does licensing and inspections for the restaurant, retail food, public or commercial swimming pools, and tattoo establishments.

  7. State Codes & Regulations

    The Health Department abide by several state Codes and regulations.

  8. West Nile Virus

    Find health and safety information related to West Nile Virus.

  9. Beekeeping