Get Healthy, Greenfield

In March 2012, the Greenfield Health Department, in collaboration with community leaders and residents, introduced Get Healthy, Greenfield!, a community health improvement plan for 2012 – 2016.

Program Goals

The goal of this plan is to educate the members of Greenfield on healthy living with particular focus on getting fit, eating healthy, reducing the risk of chronic disease (such as cancer and heart disease), preventing injury and violence, and achieving positive mental health.
  1. Chronic Disease

    Chronic disease is defined as an illness lasting longer than 6 months that may or may not be curable.

  2. Injury & Violence

    Injuries include intentional or unintentional damage to the body. Intentional injuries usually involve a violent act.

  3. Mental Health

    Mental health may range from a clinically diagnosed issue to general feelings of anxiety, stress, and/or depression.

  4. Nutrition

    Healthy eating plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing chronic disease.

  5. Physical Activity

    Physical activity is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health.