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Your local public health department continually protects you and your family in ways you might not even notice. The Health and Data Publications section keeps you informed about these ongoing efforts. Take a look at our community health improvement plan, “Healthiest Greenfield 2010” for more information.
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Greenfield Community Health Assessment (Draft 3/5/2017)

Recognizing our health priorities helps mobilize departmental and community resources to address these issues.  We have already begun the process of finalizing our community health improvement plan to address these health priorities through action. Your feedback and insight into this process are encouraged and necessary, and we hope you can participate.  Our improvement plan is only as good as those who work with it. Please help us review our draft Community Health  Assessment and please make comments at  The link will remain open until Friday, April 14th. 

Greenfield Community Health Survey

The Greenfield Community Health Survey is conducted approximately every 3 years through a grant provided by Aurora Health Care. This report is commissioned by Aurora Health Care in partnership with the Greenfield Health Department and the Center for Urban Population Health.


The purpose of this effort is to gather information on the health practices and health-related behavioral risks of residents. Respondents are scientifically selected so that the survey would be representative of all adults 18 years old and older. The data from the health survey is used by the Health Department for multiple projects including community health assessment and community health improvement planning.

Healthiest Greenfield Coalition

The kick off meeting for the Healthiest Greenfield Coalition hosted on February 23, 2016 initiated the work of the next Community Health Assessment cycle. This coalition aims to (1) Evaluate and contribute to the Greenfield Community Health Assessment; (2) Serve as community champions and engage the community for change; and (3) Spearhead the Greenfield Community Health Improvement Plan.
Meeting materials and community data pieces are posted below. Please contact Lisa Boettcher, Public Health Specialist, if you would like more information (