Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Updates to Land Use Plan

Since late 2005, many activities have occurred as part of the process of updating the 1992 Greenfield Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
Those include:
  • 4 “Neighborhood Visioning Sessions” to develop a greater knowledge/understanding of various neighborhood areas in order to learn about the respective issues/visions/opportunities
  • A survey was distributed to approximately 3,000 randomly-selected property owners
  • Monthly meetings of the Land Use Steering Committee, to review and discuss a wide-range of plan components
After the Land Use Committee finished their work as part of the overall process of updating of the Land Use Plan in April 2007, that review/recommendation was forwarded to the Plan Commission. In June 2008, the Plan Commission finished their component of the updating process and has forwarded a favorable recommendation to the Common Council.

2008 Public Hearing

As part of its review process, the Council hosted a public hearing on the proposed Land Use Plan/Maps at its September 16, 2008 regular meeting. After allowing for its own review time following the public hearing, on November 18, 2008, the Council approved Ordinance #2629, which adopted the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.