Road Construction Updates

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2018 City of Greenfield Construction Projects

The road reconstruction of W. Edgerton Avenue, from W. Loomis Road to S. 27th Street, was started in 2017 and will be completed in the Spring of 2018. Work in 2018 will include the top layer of asphalt, storm inlet adjustments and final landscape restoration. Throughout construction W. Edgerton Avenue will be closed to through traffic and a signed detour route will be present.

The neighborhood roads will be reconstructed to include curb and gutter and new storm sewer. The road will not be widened and there will be no sidewalks. Decorative street lights will be added with the project. Throughout construction the neighborhood will be closed to through traffic.

  • Pavement Rehab Program (Numerous Areas): Summer

    Several streets within the City will be rehabilitated with a new layer of asphalt. Other minor work such as spot curb and gutter replacement and sewer structure repairs will be completed as part of this project. Streets will remain open during construction to the maximum extent possible.

  • Concrete Repair Program (W. Grange Avenue and W. Edgerton Avenue): Summer

    Concrete panels in poor condition will be replaced along W. Grange Avenue (S. 27th Street to S. 48th Street) and W. Edgerton Avenue (S. 60th Street to S. 68th Street). Replacement of all the roadway concrete will be completed on S. 31st Street (north and south of W. Grange Avenue). Streets within the project area will remain open during construction but there will be traffic shifts around the work zones.

  • W. Howard Avenue Sidewalk: Summer

Sidewalk will be added along W. Howard Avenue from S. 43rd Street to the west and along the west side of S. 43rd Street from W. Howard Avenue to the north. No further work to the roadway will be performed. Streets within the project area will remain open during construction but on-street parking will be restricted in the construction zone.

Improvements at Pondview Park include replacing the culvert pipes under the path at the inlet of the pond, a new layer of asphalt on the pedestrian path and tree removal on the inside of the path to the pond. The park will be closed during construction.

  • Utility Relocations for W. Morgan Avenue Reconstruction (S. 43rd Street to W. Forest Home Avenue): Summer - End of Year

Existing utilities along W. Morgan Avenue from S. 43rd Street to W. Forest Home Avenue will be relocated in preparation of the reconstruction of this roadway in 2019. The utility companies will be moving underground and above-ground utilities beginning no earlier than July 1st, 2018. W. Morgan Avenue will remain open to through traffic during this work.

2018 WisDOT, County & Other Projects

The City of Milwaukee in conjunction with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is reconstructing S. 60th Street from W. Morgan Avenue to W. Cold Spring Road. The new concrete roadway will be a 2-lane divided roadway with bike lanes and parking. During construction traffic will move to one side of the street with a single lane of traffic in each direction. Deliveries and pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained during construction

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is resurfacing Interstate Highway (IH) 894 from W. National Avenue to S. 84th Street and widening it to 4 lanes in each direction. Travel lanes will be restricted throughout construction and there will be occasional overnight full closures of IH 894. W. Cold Spring Road will be closed at the underpass of IH 894 for a onetime period up to 14 days during summer for bridge painting. Additional noise barriers will be installed in 2019. For more information contact the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

  • S. 108th Street Improvement (W. Howard Avenue to W. Beloit Road): Summer

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will be re-configuring the intersections of State Trunk Highway 100 (S. 108th Street) with W. Howard Avenue and W. Beloit Road. Left turn lanes will be modified, new traffic signals installed and handicap accessible ramps improved at intersection corners. There will be multiple stages of construction with lane closures and traffic shifts. For more information contact the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.