Inspection Services

Inspection Services is primarily responsible for overseeing new construction of and alterations to commercial and residential buildings and the installation of plumbing, electrical, and heating and air conditioning systems. Plans are reviewed and permits are issued with conditional approval within the restrictions of State and City codes.

Inspections are made at various stages of construction. For each inspection made, a computer report is entered. These reports are kept in our computer database as a history of the property for current and future owners. Property files are public record and open for public inspection during regular office hours.

Contact Information

Specific inspection questions can be directed to:

Kristi Johnson

Community Development Manager
Phone: 414-329-5342

Erik Ahonen

Electrical Inspector
Phone: 414-329-5335

Scott Golembiewski

Building Inspector
Phone: 414-329-5334

Korry Spencer

Plumbing Inspector
Phone: 414-329-5328

Alison Meyer

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 414-329-5330