Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are dogs allowed in City of Greenfield Parks?
    According to Section 10.19 of the City of Greenfield Municipal Code (ordinance #2891), dogs are permitted in parks, as long as it’s in a designated area as allowed in accordance with posted restrictions, and on a leash no more than six feet in length. Dogs are NOT allowed in parks at any time in picnic areas, children’s play areas, athletic fields, or in the Farmer’s Market. Dogs are also not allowed in parks during the annual Dan Jansen Family Festival, Fourth of July events, concert in the park events, and other special events. The City ordinance does not pertain to service dogs, or dogs that are necessary and required by any person having a hearing or sight impairment or disability. Please pick up after your pet and dispose off premises.
    Restrictions on Animals in the Parks 
  2. Can I register a friend/other family member on my registration form?
    A registration form can be used for anyone in 1 household. For instance, registration can be done for a child’s swim class, mom’s fitness class, dad’s golf lessons and the family camp out. If a neighbor / friend / relative would like to be in the same class, they would need to complete their own registration form, but they can be brought in together.
  3. Does the City of Greenfield have any park shelters available for picnics, etc? 
    Konkel Park (51st & Layton Avenue) has an outdoor shelter that is available for rent for groups of 1 to 200. Also available at the shelter site is an indoor kitchenette (running water, refrigerator space, counter/serving area) that is available for your event for an extra charge. In addition, small groups of 24 or less have the option of renting the “portico” area attached to the garage facility at Konkel Park or the new gazebo area just off the parking lot at Konkel Park. Permit reservations are taken for the current year on the first business day of the new year and require a completed permit and payment of fees to secure your date. Please call the Parks and Recreation Department for information on rates and availability or visit the Konkel Park Facilities page to find the forms needed. Picnic areas/tables are available at all city parks without a permit on a first come first-served basis.
    Konkel Park Facilities Page
  4. Does the department hire part-time staff? What age do I have to be to work in the department?
    Those interested people 16 and over are encouraged to apply for seasonal, part-time employment with the department. These seasonal positions may include youth sports coaches, site supervisors/hall monitors and program assistants. In addition, those 18 and over can apply for summer seasonal park laborer positions and concession stand workers.  Some positions (lifeguard, water safety instructor, head program instructor) may require extra certifications and/or training, some of which are offered through the Recreation Department. Pay rates start at minimum wage and increase as training and/or level of responsibility increases.
  5. How can I find out if my program has been cancelled due to poor weather?
    The department program “hotline” for cancellation information and program updates is 414-297-9008. The hotline is updated, as needed, when programs need to be cancelled due to weather or other reasons. If in doubt, call the hotline first before leaving for your program to see if it has been cancelled or not.

  6. How do I register for programs?
    There are six easy ways to register for programs: Mail-in, 24/7 Drop Box, Fax, Walk-in, On-line with an editable form, Online through Webtrac.
    Parks & Recreation Registration Page

  7. Is there a discount for lower income families?
    The department offers a financial assistance program for youth (under 18 years old) programs for families who live in Greenfield based on their family income and family size. An application needs to be submitted with related family financial documents (tax form, pay stubs, etc.) and current family information. The amount of financial assistance is determined by the Director of Parks and Recreation based on the information provided and is valid for the current season. Additional information may be required or updated assistance forms needed for subsequent seasons.              

  8. What does the "Time Out" date mean?
    When planning for classes, our instructors need a week or so to prepare materials and to receive their rosters. We encourage our participants to register before the “Time Out” date. If minimum enrollment is not met by this date, the class may be changed or cancelled. Also if the class is full by that date, we may offer another class time or place your name on a waiting list for an enlarged class roster or another class date. Once the “Time Out” date has passed, you may still be able to register for a class if openings still exist. Some classes will be closed as of the “Time Out” date so materials can be prepared. Please plan ahead using the “Time Out” date as your guide.
  9. What is the Recreator and how do I get my copy?
    A seasonal activity and services guide that is distributed 3 times yearly (April, August, and December) to Greenfield residents. Seasonally this publication may also include the City of Greenfield Services guide and leaf collection/garbage pickup schedule. A copy is automatically mailed to all Greenfield and Hales Corners businesses and residents. Copies are also available at City Hall and at the Greenfield Public Library. In addition, Greenfield and Whitnall school offices have “reference” copies as does the Hales Corners Library.
    Recreator Page         
  10. Who can sign the registration form? 
    The form needs to be signed by a parent or guardian. If someone else (grandparent, aunt/uncle, etc.) wants to pay for class, the parent/guardian still must sign the form.
  11. Who is considered a "resident"? 
    A resident is considered someone who lives in or who owns property within the corporate city limits of Greenfield. Also, those residents who live outside of the City of Greenfield but pay school taxes to the Whitnall School District would qualify for resident rates for programs held at the Edgerton Elementary School, Whitnall Middle and Whitnall High schools. All others would be considered a non-resident. 
  12. I have a program idea - how can I get my idea published in the Recreator? 
    Programs are designed by the supervisors in each program area and published in the seasonal activity guide. We encourage program ideas in your area of expertise. These ideas need to be submitted in written form in advance of the program season in which you wish to teach. This submittal should include a description (detailed as possible) of your program, the ages you wish to reach, supplies and/or room set-up needed and fee that you would charge to teach your class. Program suggestions are always encouraged by calling the department or jotting down your idea at the bottom of your registration form on the space provided.