Student Workforce

There are no student openings at this time. Please check back later to review student opportunities (Updated October 2023).

The Greenfield Health Department strives to foster a department culture that supports a strong, competent student workforce.  Students that are brought on may have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects while gaining experience in a local health department setting.  While the number of students that we can host may vary based on staff capacity, we will continue to accept questions and proposals on a rolling basis.  

We encourage all potential students to think about the following questions when reaching out to us:

  1. What semester would I like to be a student at the Greenfield Health Department?
  2. What am I hoping to gain (personally, academically and/or professionally) from a student experience at the Greenfield Health Department?
  3. If asked by a friend or family, how would I define public health?
  4. If I'm reaching out about a field placement, is there a way to connect this to a capstone project when the time comes?

Please contact us to propose a project for your academic-required coursework (i.e. field placement or capstone) or to learn more about a Greenfield Health Department project description you received from your academic institution.  

Job Search Tips

Terms for successful job searching:

  • Public Health
  • Population Health
  • Community Health
  • Health Educator

Websites Suggestions for Job Searching