Program Brochure - Recreator

Winter Spring 2023 Program Brochure

The Winter/Spring 2023 Recreator is online and the printed copy should be mailed and available at City Hall the week of December 19th. Registration for our Winter/Spring programs is open now for Greenfield Residents. Non-Resident registration begins Monday, December 19th.


The following changes have been made to the online Recreator which makes it more accurate and up-to-date than the printed book:

  • Page 10-Archery: Register by age and make sure to include equipment rental if needed.
  • Page 10-Next Phase Wrestling has been added.
  • Page 11-Little Kickers: The code for the 6:30-7:15 PM session is 207203-W2
  • Page 12-Dodgeball: Conflicting days are mentioned. It is on Wednesday.
  • Page 20-Babysitter Training with Pediatric CPR & First Aid: 106100-02 Time Out Date is 2/27.
  • Page 21-Korean History Drama Watching and Talk: Dates are now April 11 & 18 and will be held at Greendale High School, Room 176.
  • Page 23-Friday Night Frenzy: March date changed from 10th to 17th and April date changed from 14th to 21st.
  • Page 29-Stockbox & Stockbox Doordash: Monthly Gross Income is now $1,580 for a household size of 1; $2,137 for a household size of 2; and $557 for additional household members.
  • Page 37-Open Play Pickleball has been added.
  • Page 37 - Yogalates: 104140-02 Spring session dates have been changed to 4/15-6/3 (cancel 5/27).