Program Brochure - Recreator

Fall 23 Program Brochure

SQUASH Your Boredom this Fall!

The Fall 2023 Recreator is online and the printed copies have been mailed to all residents and businesses in Greenfield and Hales Corners. Copies are also available at City Hall and the Library. Registration is open to residents and non-residents.

NEW! Interactive Fall Recreator

The online Recreator allows you to navigate directly to linked webpages to make getting information and registering so much easier! Access this information by simply clicking most sections of the Recreator.


The following changes have been made to the Fall 2023 Recreator since it has gone to the printer. These changes are reflected in the online book (link below). The online version is the most up-to-date and correct version.

  • Swim Lessons - Page 17: The following sections on Mondays at Whitnall Pool are no longer available. Early Fall 401WME-02, 401WME-40, 401WME-21. Late Fall 401WML-A1, 401WML-01, 401WML-50.
  • Swim Pretest - Page 80: On the calendar on the back page it lists the Swim Pre-test as taking place on September 29th. The correct date of the Swim Pre-test is August 29th.