COVID-19 Vaccine

The Greenfield Pre-Registration for COVID19 Vaccine list is now closed.

All eligible individuals that are interested in the COVID19 vaccine are encouraged to sign-up for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment at a local pharmacy, with you healthcare provider or other community clinic. The Greenfield Health Department has had the opportunity to vaccinate over 8,400 people at Greenfield Clinics and at clinics held in partnership with surrounding communities at the Milwaukee Sports Complex. 

At this time there  we do not anticipate offering future vaccine clinics. 

If you are still interested in the COVID19 vaccine, please search for vaccine availability at local pharmacies by visiting .

I have had COVID in the past. Can I get the vaccine?

Current evidence suggests that reinfection with the virus that causes COVID-19 is uncommon in the 90 days after initial infection. Therefore, people with a recent infection may delay vaccination until the end of that 90-day period if desired.

Click here to visit the DHS Wisconsin Webpage for COVID-19 Vaccine
Click here to learn more about registering to get the vaccine in Wisconsin.