Sharps Disposal

To learn more about the needle exchange program offered, please visit the Vivent Health Facebook page.

Collection of Sharps and Used Needles

Many Greenfield residents may need daily injections for diabetes or other medical issues.  Disposal of used needles and other sharps is often limited.  Sharps are needles, syringes, lancets (finger-stick devices), or any other sharp medical object.  These objects should be safely thrown away.  Read more information below.

DO NOT:  put sharps into the regular garbage

DO: put all used or unused sharps into an approved red “sharps” containers and disposed at a sharps collection site.  

The approved red “sharps” containers are available to buy at local pharmacies and at the Greenfield Health Department.  You can buy a container at the health department for $4.00 during normal business hours. 

City of Greenfield Collection Site: Greenfield Health Department, 7325 W Forest Home Ave. **Collection site for Greenfield Residents only.

Non-Greenfield residents can call the Department of Natural Resources (1-888-936-7463) for locations of sharps collection sites in their area.