No Mow May

No Mow May is a conservation initiative that encourages people to stop mowing or mow less often for the month of May to create habitat and provide resources for bees and other early-season pollinators.  This is particularly important in urban areas where floral resources are often limited. First popularized in the United Kingdom, No Mow May is gaining traction across North America.  The City of Greenfield partnered closely with Lawrence University in Appleton on it's 2022 No Mow May programming.

During the month of May, the City of Greenfield will relax the enforcement of long-grass rules, allowing Greenfield residents to delay or reduce lawn cutting as a way to promote pollinator-friendly habitat early in the growing season. No Mow May is a voluntary program for City residents. Participants are asked to register online or in-person and display their City-issued "No Mow May" yard sign in their front yard for the duration of the program.

Read Greenfield's invitation to participate and learn tips on how to mow long grass
2022's No Mow May initiative was sponsored in part by the Whitnall Park Rotary Club