High Risk Substance Use Among Youth

Youths are a high-risk group for substance use and often have a false sense of security about prescription drugs. Since it comes from a doctor, they feel it is safer. They could access over the counter or prescription medications at home, like from a family medicine cabinet, and medications like left over painkillers, sleeping pills or stimulants. Social media is becoming a popular place for teenagers to drug trade, like Snapchat, and Instagram. A combination of emojis could mean a different drug. See Emoji Drug Code | Decoded by DEA.gov.  

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 Talk with your kids directly and honestly at an early age about alcohol and drug use. Learn about how to talk to kids about drugs and alcohol.

Talk to your children about alcohol and drug misuse:

Remember to always dispose of unused drugs or use a drug lock box to prevent children and teenagers from accessing drugs. 

Learn more about harm reduction at: Safe Greenfield