Open Book and Board of Review

For information on open book and Board of Review, please click Board of Review and you will be redirected to the City Clerk's page.

Assessment Roll

The assessment roll is available upon request in the Assessor’s office. The following links can be used for most assessment information lookup. 

2022 Completed Real Estate Assessment Roll

2022 Real Estate Address Cross Reference

2022 Real Estate Name Cross Reference

2022 Completed Personal Property Assessment Roll

Property Data

Property Data can be found by clicking here

Mission Statement

The mission of this office is to accurately and equitable value all real estate and personal property in accordance with Chapter 70 of the Wisconsin Statutes. It is our responsibility to provide uniform property values so that the burden of taxes is distributed fairly and equitably as possible under current law.

2023 Citywide Revaluation

The Assessor’s Office last did a citywide revaluation in 2009. One is currently being conducted for 2023. For further information, please contact the Assessor’s Office.

Duties & Responsibilities

The City Assessor is a State certified individual who is responsible for setting the value of all property within the City for the purpose of determining the taxable value of real and personal property, upon which is levied property taxes for all taxing jurisdictions.

The assessor is not involved in the billing or collection of property taxes. Questions about property tax collection should be addressed to the Treasurer's office.

Main functions of the Assessor's office include:

  • Holds annual open book sessions for property owners and defend assessments at the Board of Reviews hearings
  • Inspects and reviews all properties that were issued permits for the current year and any partial assessments from the prior year and determine values
  • Prepares and submit Assessor's Final Report to the Department of Revenue
  • Provides assessment and owner information to citizens, developers, real estate professionals, and other interested parties
  • Updates information in the property database
  • Updates list of businesses for personal property reporting valuation annually


The Assessor performs revaluations of all property within the City, utilizing statistical methods as well as property visits. A revaluation is a complete and thorough review of all assessments.

During a revaluation, all assessments are examined and adjustments are made so that all property is assessed at market value. This is done to assure that taxes are distributed equitable and uniformly. Wisconsin law requires that property assessments be based on fair market value.

Estimating the market value of your property is a matter of determining the price a typical buyer would pay for it in its present condition. Some factors the assessor considers in assigning property value include: what similar type properties are selling for, what it would cost to replace your property, the rent it may earn, and any other factors that effect value.

It is important to note that the assessor does not create this value; rather, the assessor interprets what is happening in the market place.

Important Dates in 2023

  • January 1st - The assessment date all property, as it exists on this date, is assessed
  • March 1st - Last day to file personal property return (business owners only)
  • March 1st - Last day to file tax exemptions forms
  • July - Assessment Notices mailed to property owners
  • July 24-July 28 - Appointments scheduled with property owners who wish to discuss the revaluation during Open Book Review.
  • May 11 & September 6 - Board of Review hearings