1. Kendall Wyss

    Environmental Health Specialist

What is Radon?

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that permeates through the ground into dwelling spaces. Additionally, radon is a leading cause of cancer. Exposure to Radon is responsible for an estimated 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year.

Radon comes from the natural (radioactive) breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water and gets into the air you breathe. Radon can be found all over the U.S. in any type of building — homes, offices, and schools — and results in a high indoor radon level. In fact, nearly one in ever 15 homes in the U.S. is estimated to have elevated radon levels.

Radon Testing

Fortunately, radon is a health hazard with a simple solution. Testing your home is quick, easy, and inexpensive. If radon is detected in your home, radon reduction systems are available to lower the radon levels of your home. Radon test kits and information are available through the Health Department.

For more information, visit the Environmental Protection Agency site.

Radon Handouts