Sharps Disposal

What Are Sharps and Why Do They Need to Be Discarded in a Special Way?

Sharps include medical needles, syringes, and lancets (finger stick devices) and other sharp medical instruments. Sharps need to be discarded in a special way because of the health risks they pose to people who handle the waste.

Sharps not handled in a proper way can lead to an accidental needle sticks. This can lead to a serious disease to the garbage hauler, neighborhood children and the general public. State law and municipal ordinance makes it illegal to throw out your sharps in your household garbage or your recyclable materials.

What Is the Preferred Method of Disposal for Sharps/ Needles?

  • Prices at Greenfield Health Department are $7 for large and $6 for small containers
  • Put sharps into an approved red “sharps” container.
  • Sharps containers are available for purchase at some local pharmacies and the Greenfield Health Department.

How Do I Dispose of the “Sharps” Containers?

  • Contact your pharmacy about their needle disposal policy and fees.
  • Greenfield residents may bring full containers to the Greenfield Health Department for safe disposal. Disposal of the sharps is free of charge.
  • Laundry bottles and milk jugs are not approved containers.
  • See list below for some area registered collection stations that accept sharps.
  • Some pharmacies will collect and dispose of sharps in approved containers.

Near City of Greenfield

  • Aurora Pharmacy
    9200 West Loomis Road
    Franklin, WI 53132
    Phone: 414-529-9275
  • Pick N' Save Pharmacy
    3701 South 27th Street
    Milwaukee, WI 53221
    Phone: 414-281-3622
  • Pick N' Save Pharmacy
    6462 South 27th Street
    Oak Creek, WI 53154
  • West Allis Memorial Hospital
    8901 West Lincoln Avenue
    West Allis, WI 53154
    Phone: 414-328-7290
    Will accept sturdy plastic laundry containers secured with duct tape. Drop off at Emergency Room, no charge.

In City of Greenfield

  • Aurora Family Health Clinic & Pharmacy
    6901 West Edgerton Avenue
    Greenfield, WI 53220
    Phone: 414-421-8401
  • Greenfield Health Department
    7325 West Forest Home Avenue
    Greenfield, WI 53220
    Phone: 414-329-5275
    Residents Only. Approved red sharps containers only.
    Available for purchase: $7 Large or $6 Small.
  • Pick N' Save Pharmacy
    4279 South 76th Street
    Greenfield, WI 53220