Youth Services

The Youth Services Unit is a part of the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB). It has primary responsibility for follow-up investigation of crime reports involving youthful offenders, in a manner essentially similar to the Detectives assigned to the CIB. Child abuse, child sexual abuse, and children in need of protective services are cases handled specifically by the Youth Services Unit.
Wisconsin's Missing Children Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation

Community Outreach

Community outreach is an integral part of their work. Officer Jim Pizur and Officer Tyler Jaeger teach the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) curriculum. They assist the schools with Safety Cadet, bicycle safety, and career day programs. Youth Services coordinates high school students from Greenfield, Whitnall and High Schools who participate in career shadowing.

Greenfield CARES

Members of the Youth Services unit have also been active in Greenfield CARES, a parent / student organization that encourages drug and alcohol free activities. Greenfield CARES also started the Greenfield Parent Network which assists in communication between parents concerning the activities of their children outside of the home. The School District of Greenfield awarded the Advocates for Excellence Award to the Youth Services Unit for its efforts to divert young potential offenders from the juvenile justice system.