The canines are able to track suspects and missing persons over any type of terrain and in all weather conditions.

Evidence Search

Because of their innate sense of smell and scent discrimination, canines are able to locate articles discarded by suspects or, in some cases, lost by citizens.

Building & Area Search

The canine is used to search the building or area for a criminal suspect. Upon locating the suspect, the canine will apprehend (bite) the suspect and hold until commanded to release. If the canine locates the suspect but cannot access them, the canine will bark and remain at that point until the handler arrives.

Officer Protection

The canine will apprehend any suspect without command if the handler is assaulted. The canine will also watch or guard the suspect during arrest and search situations.

Criminal Apprehension

Police canines have been referred to as “the only bullet that can be called back.” When an apprehension situation occurs, the suspect is ordered to stop and comply with the handler’s commands. If the suspect refuses to surrender or flees, the canine is released. Upon reaching the suspect, the canine apprehends the suspect until commanded to release by the handler. At any point before the apprehension, if the suspect gives up, the canine can be recalled without apprehension.

Narcotics Detection

Specially trained canines are able to detect controlled substances. The canine is trained to locate narcotic odor and alert the handler to its presence regardless of attempts to conceal or mask its location.