Alarm Permits

Alarm Permits are required by Greenfield Municipal Code (section 10.21(2)a) and are intended to assist the Police Department in protecting your business or residence.


Alarm permits are required as a means for the Police and Fire Departments to obtain critical information regarding the nature of an alarm when it is received. Without such information, Police and / or Fire Department personnel who respond are unaware of the nature of an alarm and any special circumstances that would be helpful in protecting your property. Additionally, responders may face unnecessary risk or hazard.


Under the Ordinance, a penalty of up to $500 may be assessed against a person who operates an alarm system without such a permit. The permitting process requires that each premise provide information which will be used in the event of a false alarm or actual incident at the property.

Alarm Permit Fees

Type of Permit
Fee Renewal Requirement
Residential Alarm
$5 Annually
Business Alarm (Intrusion / Burglary)
$25 Annually
Business Alarm (Hold-Up / Panic)
$100 Annually

Fee Details

  • 1 permit required per business
  • If the business has both a hold-up alarm and an intrusion alarm, the fee is $100, not $125

False Alarm Fee Schedule

Number of False Alarms
0 - 3 False Alarms
No charge
4 - 5 False Alarms
$75 each
6 - 9 False Alarms
$150 each
10 or More False Alarms
$200 each


Permit fees must be submitted with  the Alarm Permit Application completely filled out.  There are two versions of applications both for Residential or Business.  Please make checks payable to the City of Greenfield and mail them to the Greenfield Police Department.