Crime Prevention Officers

Sergeant Daniel Orlowski is in charge of the Crime Prevention Unit. Please feel free to contact Sergeant Daniel Orlowski at 414-761-5340 for information on any community-based program.

Crime Prevention Unit

The following staff administer the various crime prevention programs that are offered by the Greenfield Police Department:
  • Sergeant Daniel Orlowski (Early Shift)
  • Sergeant David Vitek (Early Shift)
  • Officer Lisa Dziedzic (Early Shift)
  • Officer Christopher Moglia (Late Shift)
  • Officer Andrew Wroblewski (Late Shift)
  • Officer Shannon Riddle (Day Shift)
  • Officer Megan Spodick (Day Shift)
  • Officer Turner Panich (Late Shift)
Officers can be contacted at the Greenfield Police Department Crime Prevention Office at 414-761-5340.