Licensing and Inspection

Environmental Health Codes and Applications can be found HERE.

  1. Restaurant & Retail Food
  2. Pools
  3. Tattoo & Body Piercing
  4. Hotel / Motel
  5. Animal 

Restaurant and Retail Food Establishments

The City of Greenfield Health Department Environmental Health Staff inspect and license restaurants, retail food and temporary food establishments.  Food establishment, food safety complaints and reports of food or waterborne illnesses are also investigated.

Food Inspection & Reports

Have you ever wondered how your favorite restaurants comply with food safety rules?  Or your favorite grocery or convenience store? As an agent for the state, the Greenfield Health Department is responsible for the enforcement of local and state codes related to the inspection and licensing of all food-related businesses.  Inspection reports for both Greenfield Retail Food Establishments and Restaurants may be found at: .  Inspection reports date back to fall 2013, corresponding to there lease of the newest state food code and the department’s implementation of a statewide licensing and inspection software.

Reports available via the online inspection portal provide information on the conditions observed by the Environmental Health Specialist at the time of inspection, and may not reflect corrective actions or current conditions.  For example, a single inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long term operation of the facility. Therefore, visitors to this site are cautioned against making interpretations regarding a particular facility based on only one inspection report.  While every effort is made to keep the information accurate, the City of Greenfield is not responsible for discrepancies between posted information and the actual inspection reports provided to the licensed establishment. 

The Greenfield Health Department also performs other essential services such as swimming pool, lodging, tattoo facilities, and animal-associated business inspections.  These inspection reports are not available online currently, but will be added in the future. 

Please contact the Health Department at414-329-5275 if you have questions regarding an inspection report, or to notify the Health Department of concerns you may have. 

State Statutes Reference

ATCP 75: Retail Food Establishments

ATCP 75: Appendix Wisconsin Food Code

Chapter 97: Food, Lodging, and Recreation