Learn CPR

Check-out a CPR Bin

We are excited to announce the roll out of the Milwaukee County Hands Only CPR Bin Initiative. With the implementation of this important program, residents across Milwaukee County can stop by their local firehouse and "check-out" a CPR training bin. Each bin contains a training DVD, locally produced in partnership with WISN-TV Milwaukee (Channel 12), a training manikin, an automated external defibrillator (AED) trainer, and educational materials. Bins can be taken home for a week and then returned upon completion of the training.

The included DVD guides participants through the steps necessary to save a life, in just 15 minutes. Bins are available at both Greenfield Fire stations:

Station 91: 5330 W. Layton Ave (414-761-5306)

Station 92: 4333 S. 92nd St. (414-545-7946)

Residents wishing to check out a bin are encouraged to call the phone numbers listed above to check availability prior to coming to pick one up. Stations will keep a running list of those interested and notify them in order as the bin becomes available.