C.A.A.R.E. Program


Heroin has had a significant effect on our community and department. The wide availability of heroin combined with the ever decreasing cost of the drug has resulted in addiction and deaths in every community across the country. Opiate overdose fatalities are the number one cause of injury related fatalities in the United States.

The Greenfield Police Department believes traditional police practices have had little to no affect on this problem that is facing our community. Because of this, the CAARE (Cops Assisting Addiction Recovery) program was created. As the Greenfield Police Department continues to strive to reduce the availability of illicit opiate drugs in our community, we have now forged partnerships with numerous local social service agencies to work collaboratively on intervention and the treatment of opiate abuse.


The goals of the CAARE Program are:
  • Reduce the incidence of opiate and heroin related deaths within the community.
  • Reduce the number of young people addicted to opiates and heroin.
  • Present residents of the city of Greenfield and those who have attended Greenfield schools with a chance at recovery without fear of arrest by law enforcement.
  • To connect heroin/opiate addicts with treatment programs and counselors, while building trust within the community.
  • To expand access to addiction treatment options and resources.
  • To empower and motivate families and the community by providing new strategies aimed at problem solving and managing addiction cases toward successful recovery.
The CAARE Program will provide referral and assistance to participants at no cost.
  • Whenever possible, private health insurance will be accessed and used to fund treatment. The choice of treatment options will include assessment of the participant's ability to leverage insurance benefits, homelessness and the availability of a support system.
  • Individuals without the financial means to pay for treatment and who do not qualify for health insurance will receive care at no cost, funded through the Department.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age, unless approved by the C.A.A.R.E program coordinator, Chief of Police and the juvenile's legal guardian.


Individuals suffering from heroin or opiate addiction who voluntarily appear at the Greenfield Police Department and express a desire to enter TREATMENT may turn-in opiates, heroin or paraphernalia without fear of arrest.