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Appeal Rights and Procedures 

Both you and the City have the right to appeal the decision of the Court.   An appeal would be heard by the Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

If you are found guilty by a trial and want to appeal the decision of the Greenfield Municipal Court, you must submit a written notice of appeal and the appeal fee to the Greenfield Municipal Court within twenty (20) days of the date the Judge found you guilty.  If the appeal and correct appeal fee is received timely, your case will be sent to circuit court.

You may ask for either of the following appeal procedures:

  • Trial de Novo  - This will be an entirely new trial held in the Circuit Court.  If you want this new trial to be a “jury trial” you must pay the appropriate fee with your appeal (Fee Schedule listed below).
  • On the Record - Your case including a “transcript” of the original trial will be sent to the Circuit Court.  A Circuit Court Judge will review the “transcript” and make a decision.  You will pay an additional $10.00 fee for the “transcript” at the time of appeal, but if you lose the appeal, you will be responsible for the cost of preparing the “transcript” (Fee Schedule listed below)

 Appeal Fee Schedule

Transcript Review - $129.50 payable to the Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Courts and $10.00 payable to the Greenfield Municipal Court.

New Trial with Circuit Court Judge (no Jury) - $144.50 payable to the Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Courts.

New Trial with 6-person Jury - $180.50 payable to the Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Courts.

Please pay all appeal fees with cash, check or money order.  The appeal fees will be sent to the Milwaukee County Circuit Court along with the appeal. 

To file an appeal: 

Notice of Appeal