Pollinator Friendly Community

GreenfieldPollinatorProtectCommit_RoundLogo_ColorThe City of Greenfield is dedicated to responsible land management practices, which includes being recognized as a Pollinator Friendly Community.  Greenfield acknowledges the importance of birds, bees, butterflies, bats and other pollinators to local agriculture, ecosystems and economies; and recognizes the recent decline in pollinator populations due to increased use of pesticides, loss of habitat and loss of food supply.

What the City is Doing

As a Pollinator Friendly Community, the City of Greenfield will:

  • Support a volunteer-lead Pollinator Protection Committee that will work to:
    • Promote safe and healthy pollinator forage habitats in the community.
    • Encourage local businesses, schools, neighborhoods and households to adopt pollinator friendly policies and practices.
    • Establish pollinator outreach programs and annual environmental education evets.
    • Maintain practices and programming necessary for Bee, Bird and Monarch City designations.
  • Strive to reduce chemical pesticide use on City properties and curtail lawn mowing practices, wherever possible.
  • Consider pollinator-friendly and native trees as part of its community tree selection process.
  • Plant Pollinator habitats on public properties.

What Residents Can Do

Community members are encouraged to help make Greenfield more friendly to pollinators. Here are a few ways community members can make a difference:

Program Sponsors

Greenfield’s pollinator-friendly programming would not be possible without our generous community sponsors:

Bluemel’s Garden & Landscape Center
Partners of Greenfield Parks & Recreation
Greenfield Beautification Committee
Monarch Watch
Stein’s Garden & Home
Whitnall Park Rotary Club
Wild Birds Unlimited

Sign up for the Greenfield Pollinator Protection Newsletter or contact Renee Rollman at renee.rollman@greenfieldwi.us for more information.