Infant Massage

The Health Department offers classes to teach parents and caregivers how to do infant massages.

Parents and caregivers can learn how to give their babies massages.  Babies should be between the ages of 0-9 months to participate in this class. 

Parents and other caregivers (such as grandparents) can create a deeper bond and sense of comfort between themselves and baby by using infant massage. There are many other benefits for both the infant and parent/caregiver when it comes to massage! Infants
could experience improved body awareness, improved digestion, increased weight gain for underweight infants and a reduction in discomfort due to teething, gas etc. Parents begin to have a higher sense of how to react to infant cues, while building confidence in their parenting skills. Parents/caregivers may also notice a decrease in stress and blood pressure while spending quality time with their baby. 

Please contact us at 414-329-5275 or email for more information.