QPR stands for "Question-Persuade-Refer".  It is a suicide prevention training that aims to teach people of all ages how to recognize the warning signs of suicide, understand the common causes of suicidal behavior, and how to get help for someone in a crisis situation.  This training walks through how to ask someone if they are feeling suicidal, how to persuade someone to tell you if they are in a time of need and where to refer someone to if they are in crisis.

Participants will learn the QPR Chain Of Survival Elements:

•EARLY RECOGNITION OF SUICIDE: The sooner warning signs are detected and help sought, the better the outcome of a suicidal crisis will be.

•EARLY QPR: Asking someone about the presence of suicidal thoughts and feelings opens up a conversation that may lead to a referral for help.

•EARLY INTERVENTION AND REFERRAL: Referral to local resources or calling 1-800-Suicide for evaluation and possible referral is critical.

Please contact the Health Department to find out more about the current QPR Suicide Prevention trainings offered in Greenfield and surrounding areas.

Additional resources available on the Healthiest Greenfield Coalition Website.