Stepping On

Join other older adults in learning how you can take control of your life to prevent falls! 

Remain independent in your own home without a fear of falling by enrolling in a Stepping On workshop.  You’ll learn strength and balance exercises. This series will help you build confidence, reduce falls, improve strength and balance, and reduce your fear of falling.

Hear from local experts about:

  • Impact of medication
  • Vision and increased risk of falling
  • mobility in your community
  • how to do a home assessment
  • safe footwear
  • improving your sleep

Optional: $20 deposit to borrow or purchase an ankle weight.

Attendance at the 1ST class required and a max of 2 absences allowed.

Other resources:

Wisconsin Healthy Aging 
Milwaukee County Department on Aging

  1. Daniel Weber

    Assistant Chief of Community Risk Reduction