Strengthening Families for Parents and Youth

A Great Series for Parents and Youth Aged 10-14

The Parenting Network and Greenfield Health Department partner together to offer a free program to prepare families for the transition into the teen years. Parents will learn nurturing skills to support their child, and how to effectively discipline and guide their child. Youth will gain a healthy future orientation, increased appreciation for their parents/caregivers, and develop skills to deal with stress and peer pressure.

What you will gain from this program:

  1. How to reduce the likelihood of substance abuse in teens
  2. Learn about family-related risk factors 
  3. Practice build protective factors
  4. Learn the skills that will help you practice consistent discipline and support for your child

The class involves seven 2.5 hour long sessions:

5-5:30 Families eat a meal together while engaging in activities and conversation

5:30-6:30 Parents and youth separate into 2 groups

  • Parents work on strengthening parenting skills and building communication with their youth
  • Youth learn how to deal with peer pressure, gain confidence, and respect parents’ decisions

6:30-7:30 Families come together for a group activity practicing the skills they learned

All types of families welcome including single-parent, foster-parent, two-parent, step-parent, grandparent or any other caregiver involved in raising youth

Childcare may be available upon request

To find out about the next session, contact the Parenting Network at 414-671-0566