Are dogs allowed in City of Greenfield parks?

According to Section 10.19 of the City of Greenfield Municipal Code (ordinance #2891), dogs are permitted in parks, as long as it's in a designated area as allowed in accordance with posted restrictions, and on a leash no more than six feet in length.  Dogs are NOT allowed in parks at any time in picnic areas, children's play areas, athletic fields, or in the Farmer's Market.  Dogs are also not allowed in parks during the annual Dan Jansen Family Festival, Fourth of July events, concert in the park events, and other special events.  The City ordinance does not pertain to service dogs, or dogs that are necessary and required by any person having a hearing or sight impairment or disability.  Please pick up after your pet and dispose off premises.

Restrictions on Animals in the Parks

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1. Are dogs allowed in City of Greenfield parks?
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