Does the City of Greenfield have any park shelters available for picnics, etc?
Konkel Park (51st & Layton Avenue) has an outdoor shelter that is available for rent for groups of 1-200. Also available at the shelter site is an indoor kitchenette (running water, refrigerator space, counter/serving area) that is available for your event for an extra charge.

In addition, small groups of 24 or less have the option of renting the “portico” area attached to the garage facility at Konkel Park or the new gazebo area just off the parking lot at Konkel Park. Permit reservations are taken for the current year on the first business day of the new year and require a completed permit and payment of fees to secure your date.

Please call the Parks and Recreation Department for information on rates and availability or visit the Konkel Park Facilities page to find the forms needed.

Picnic areas/tables are available at all city parks without a permit on a first come first-served basis. Konkel Park Facilities Page

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