What happens after submitting plans to the Plan Commission?

Staff will meet 2 weeks prior to the Plan Commission meeting to review your plans. You will be notified as soon as possible if any revisions are needed. You will be given an opportunity to revise your plans before the meeting; however, any revisions must be received before the agenda is sent out on the Thursday prior to the meeting. The Plan Commission will not review any plan revisions that have not been first reviewed by staff. A copy of the agenda and staff report for your item will be sent to you on the Thursday prior to the meeting. 

At the meeting, staff will present their recommendations, after which you will have an opportunity to address the Plan Commission to provide additional information or to answer any questions. The Plan Commission generally will vote on your item the same evening and forward their recommendation to the Common Council. After the meeting you will be sent a copy of the minutes of the Plan Commission meeting confirming the Commission’s recommendation, along with any conditions of approval. Once the Common Council has taken its action, please contact the Community Development Division for any necessary follow-up steps.

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