Do you accept credit card or E-check (Electronic) payments?

Yes, credit card and E-check payments can be made online. There is a 2.55% transaction fee added for the credit card service, with a minimum fee of $2.00 for credit card payments.  Visa debit cards incur a flat fee of $3.95. E-checks in an amount up to $10,000 have a flat fee of $1.50.

To Pay Online: Using the City’s website, click on the "Pay Online" circle.  Then click on "Taxes" and on the next screen click on the green writing for the tax portal.  Click on the "Accept and Sign In" button if you agree to the terms and conditions.  On the next screen, in the tax information area, type in the tax year you are paying for to the right of "Single" and choose "236-CITY OF GREENFIELD" in the municipality drop down box.  Then type one way to search and click the search button.  For a search by parcel number, enter the digits in the Property # box.  If using the address, type only the house numbers in House # box (for example 9999) and street name (Layton) in the corresponding box.  If the system brought up what you were looking for click on the box to the left and then the "Add to Cart" button (If not, try a different way to search).  Then click the "View Cart" button and follow the prompts.

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