I just got a ticket, what do I do now?

A City of Greenfield citation, whether it be traffic related or an ordinance violation, is handled under the jurisdiction of the Greenfield Municipal Court.

If you wish to contest the citation, you must appear in court on the date and time indicated on the citation. At that time you will be given an opportunity to enter a plea to the offense. If your plea is "Not Guilty", you will be given a trial date on which to return and present evidence to the Judge. If your plea is "Guilty" or "No Contest" you will be found guilty, but the Judge will give you an opportunity to speak on your own behalf and offer any mitigating circumstances.

In most circumstances, the Judge will give consideration to those individuals who have corrected driver license, registration and equipment violations and who bring proof to court.

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3. I just got a ticket, what do I do now?
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