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Brookside-Meadow Drive Park

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  1. Playground

The 16.13-acres of floodplain was originally acquired by the City in 1999 and evokes a charm all its own. Although large in acreage, it feels very neighborly. The majority of parkland is located across the street from the southern section of the Root River Parkway. It offers both passive and active recreation options. Its passive natural beauty is seen in the mature tree and shrub species found along the low-lying areas of the Root River. 

The smaller area of active recreation is sought out by neighborhood children at Rose Innovation Playground. A playground located at the north end of the park for 5- 12 age group is equipped with smartphone adapted structures installed over a rose-themed safety surface. Benches are located along an asphalt perimeter path. Landscape berms and plantings and playground equipment have been donated by Greenfield’s local rosarian and former Boerner Botanical Gardens Director, Will Radler. The entrance arbor and split rail fencing adds a garden aesthetic not found in other City neighborhood parks. A small, yet accommodating off street parking lot is provided.