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Coopers Hawk Park

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  1. Playground
  2. Walking Path
As part of a major neighborhood road re-construction project in 2005/2006, this 1.07 acres was acquired for the purpose of a neighborhood park. A "Coopers Hawk" was instrumental in the acquisition of these parcels. The hawk had nested in a tree that was marked for removal to make way to accommodate the city standard cul-de-sac, much to the dismay of the neighborhood. Because of the nesting hawk, which delayed the construction of that portion of the project, ample time was provided to preserve the integrity of the woods and acquire the parcels to accommodate the neighborhood park.

Because the woods had been neglected for 20+ years, the development project included an invasive species inventory and removal program, removal of dead trees and brush to make way for the installation of a new playground featuring slides, swings, and a climbing wall, as well as a wood chipped nature path. The park was officially dedicated on Tuesday, August 25, 2008.