Chuck Fletcher

Title: Captain / Criminal Investigation Bureau
Phone: 414-761-5345

Chuck began his career with the Greenfield Police Department in 1996 and was promoted to Detective in 2009.   He had previously served as a military police officer in the United States Air Force.

A valuable asset to the department, Chuck has served in a variety of roles, including as a SWAT Team member, MAIT Team member, Sniper Team Leader, Special Operations Unit Officer, Field Training Officer, and Evidence Technician.   Additionally, he assists with the Citizen Police Academy program as a Crime Scene and Evidence Forensics Instructor, and was elected Vice President of the Greenfield Police Foundation Board and President of the Greenfield Police Association.  

In the CIB, Chuck was instrumental in streamlining the reporting process for secondhand dealers in the city, creating an ordinance and implementing an electronic database (NEWPRS) to track criminals and stolen property.  The NEWPRS system is currently being used by over 250 law enforcement agencies and has assisted the Greenfield Police Department in making over 1,000 arrests and recovering over two million dollars in stolen property, and in 2012 Chuck was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his work.

Chuck’s formal training includes: annual attendance of specialized courses related to the investigation of homicides, sexual assaults, and missing/exploited children; Sniper Supervisor Training; Analytical Investigations; Certified Crime Scene Technician; Management of Informants.  


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