Support Services

  1. Clerical Unit
  2. Detective Unit
  3. Dispatch Unit
  4. Youth Services


The dual role of this unit is to provide the best possible service to the public while providing clerical and record keeping functions in support of the department’s mission. Members of this unit maintain all case files and accident reports, handle all requests for police reports and process the necessary forms and citations for all arrests.

Report Transcription

Police officers and detectives dictate their reports rather than writing them out long hand. The Clerical Unit then transcribes the report and collates the case file. The report is then sent to the officer or detective for review and signature. This extremely efficient system allows officers and detectives to spend far less time in the station "writing" reports, thus freeing them for patrol or investigative duties.

With the implementation of the Phoenix CAD / Records program, all police reports are created and maintained in electronic form, greatly reducing the use of paper by the police department. 

Our clerks play a vital role in the delivery of police services to the community. The Dictaphone all digital transcription system means that transcription is stored in digital format until retrieved by the clerical staff. The Clerical Unit makes it possible for detectives, patrol officers, and administrative personnel to retrieve current and accurate information from our record keeping system in order to conduct investigations and respond to the public’s needs. Unit members are assigned to all 3 shifts under the supervision of the Shift Commanders.

Obtaining Copies of Reports

Accident reports are generally available to attorneys, insurance companies, the media and the general public within 7 days of the incident. Some circumstances, such as an ongoing investigation, may necessitate delays or restrictions in the availability of reports. The best rule of thumb is to call the Clerical Unit at 414-761-5330 to determine if a report is available.

Complaints are released pursuant to Wisconsin’s Open Records Law. Because of their sensitive nature, some types of complaints are not released or are modified before release. In cases where the release of a complaint is in question, Assistant Chief Ray Radakovich should be contacted at (414)761-5378. Assistant Chief Radakovich is the Greenfield Police Department’s Custodian of Records. All reports are provided at a rate of $.25 per page.