Safety Tips

Stop Fires Through Education

This year showed a dramatic increase in our public fire safety awareness programs. The Greenfield Fire Department participated in 54 events directly associated with fire safety. More than 6,700 citizens, children, and adults from Greenfield and surrounding communities, benefited from these programs. These include classes taught at public and private schools, day care centers, Community Based Residential Facilities, and various organizations. Career opportunities were presented to over 500 of our High School and Middle School students. An important facet of our bureau is the "Juvenile Firesetter Program." This program educates children and their families who have been referred to us because of some incident where the child was found playing with fire. This year, 8 children were given the program from instructors within the department after they had been referred to us by the Police Department and other organizations. In addition, this past year our department provided tours of our fire stations to over 600 people of all ages. As with many successful Fire Prevention programs, most of the goals could not be accomplished without the help of outside agencies, organizations, and businesses from around the city. An increase in the number of Fire Prevention activities also means an increased strain on the budget. Literature and materials which reinforce our fire safety message are at a premium and very expensive. Many organizations and citizens assisted our department through either time donated or money contributed.