Know Your Escape

In the event of a fire, you must be able to leave your home quickly. Plan ahead, and know exactly what to do in an emergency.

Know 2 Ways Out

Plan 2 escape routes from every room in your home. During a fire, smoke or flames may block an exit, forcing you to use an alternate escape.

Know How to Unlock Doors and Windows

Practice unlatching deadbolts, chain locks and window locks (including locks and latches on storm windows) quickly.

Note: Some homes have bars on the outside of lower story windows to prevent break-ins. These cannot be opened or removed from the inside. Do not include such a window in your escape plan.

Know All Building Exits

If you live in an apartment building, count the number of doorways between your apartment and the 2 nearest exits. During a fire, you may have to escape in the dark. If your building has outside metal fire-escape stairs, have your building's owner or landlord show you how to use them.

No matter where you live, be familiar with all exits, including windows. If you sleep upstairs, be sure your exits provide a safe way to the ground. Hardware stores have portable chain ladders to escape from second floor windows. If you have trouble with stairs, it may be best to sleep on the first floor.