Seasonal Services

Find Your Fall Leaf Collection Schedule

Fall Leaf Pick-Up

October - November

Each fall, the City of Greenfield assists residents in picking up leaves. Because we serve over 37,000 residents spread out over 11.5 square miles, leaf season can be a massive operation. We typically collect and compost over 7,000 cubic yards of leaves each fall.

Other Yard Waste

Please remember that this service is for leaves only. Other yard waste materials are picked up by Johns Disposal Service, Inc. every other week opposite of your recycle week. This service is available between April and November.

Leaf Pick-Up & Snow

Public Works begins fall leaf pick up in October, per the leaf collection schedule. As all residents of Wisconsin are aware, the weather can be very unpredictable. If the city receives measurable snow, leaf pickup maybe postponed or even suspended for the season. The same trucks that are used to pick up leaves are used to plow the streets.

We ask all property owners to observe the following:

  • Leaves will not be collected if they are blocked by parked cars or other obstacles.
  • Do not mix tree branches, bricks, lawn clippings or other debris with leaves. These materials can clog or cause damage to the leaf loader/vacuum that is very costly and time consuming to repair. Crews will stop leaf collection when a pile is contaminated with such items.
  • Do not place leaves in an alley or on a median, they will not be collected.
  • Do not place leaves over catch basins. During rain storms the leaves can cause the catch basins to clog which could result in street flooding.
  • Have the leaves raked out to the terrace area (the area between the sidewalk and curb/road edge or within 6 feet of the road edge) by 7 a.m. on the Monday of your designated pick up weeks. Please do not place leaves in ditches or in driving lanes. This is a safety issue for both the DPW crews and residents.
  • Consider mulching leaves in place, instead of raking them. Mulching leaves not only reduces the amount of leaves that the city needs to collect, it also is a good fertilizer for your lawn.
  • You may still drop leaves off at the Division of Public Works, free of charge.  This service is for leaves only. Leaves must be in biodegradable paper bags or emptied from containers. 

Spring Leaf Collection

Spring leaf collection is not conducted by the city of Greenfield. If you wish, you may elect to bring the leaves to the city’s drop off center, located at 4551 S. 52nd Street.

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