Beekeeping in Greenfield

Greenfield Municipal Code, Chapter 12.11(19), was approved in January of 2016 and allows up to two (2) hives per residential property, with some exceptions.

Why is Beekeeping Important?:

  • Honey bee populations in the US and around the world are at risk.  
  • Honey bees are vital to our economy, as they produce honey and pollinate 1/3 of our daily food supply.
  • Honey bees in our community pollinate gardens & flowers and provide food for wildlife.

Steps to Becoming a Beekeeper in Greenfield:

  1.   Learn about beekeeping and be able to demonstrate proof of beekeeping competency.
  2.   Create a simple map of your apiary.
  3.   Talk with neighbors who may be impacted by your apiary.
  4.   Visit the Greenfield Health Department with your proof of competency & apiary map and fill out a beekeeping application.
    • Beekeeping permits are $25 with an annual renewal fee of $10.

More info at:  Beekeeping in Greenfield