The Greenfield Tree Commission, established in 1992, is the City’s advisory body for urban forestry development, planning and policy. They monitor management of city trees and assist the City Forester.

Greenfield’s part time Consultant Forester serves in a professional capacity, selecting trees and planting locations, helping builders preserve or prevent damage to valuable trees and providing expert advice to citizens and city departments regarding public trees. Tree work is done by the Division of Public Works crews or by individual contractors.

Forestry Services

City Forestry is maintained primarily on an annual budget of about 50 cents per capita. Here’s a summary of what we do with City forestry dollars:

  • Administer noxious and hazardous tree policies
  • Plant trees on city streets
  • Preserve future forestry and environmental resources through Urban Forestry Planning
  • Provide information and resources on tree protection and care
  • Provide training for city personnel in safety and best forestry practices
  • Prune and maintain all city trees
  • Remove hazardous street trees damaged by disease, storms or vandalism
  • Respond to citizen’s questions and concerns regarding city trees
  • Select tree-planting locations for streets on road construction projects, new developments and for the city’s street-tree planting program
  • Work with contractors to preserve high value trees on new development sites

Forestry Documents

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Greenfield residents: do you have questions about trees or forestry? The City of Greenfield Consulting Forester, Dennis Fermenich will answer your questions. Click the "Ask An Arborist" image above to complete an online form with your question and your response will be emailed back to you.