Storm Water Utility


In 2009 the City of Greenfield established a Storm Water Utility to help comply with more stringent federal and state regulations regarding storm water management.

Revenues collected by the Storm Water Utility will be used to fund public education and outreach, regulatory compliance and water quality and/or flood control improvements.


Storm Water Utility fees are based upon a calculation of impervious surfaces (i.e. roofs, driveways and other hard surfaces). Currently, the quarterly equivalency charge is $19.92 per ERU which is applied to all parcels that have impervious surfaces.  1 Equivalent Runoff Unit (ERU) = 3,630 square feet of impervious surface.

Single family properties are charged based on 1 ERU, or $19.92  per quarter. Duplexes are charged based on 1.1 ERUs, or $21.91 per quarter. Three unit and larger residential, school, church, business, and municipal properties will be charged fees based upon a measurement of actual impervious surface divided by 3,630 square feet to determine the number of ERUs. For example, a business property with 10,909 square feet of impervious surface has 3 ERUs. The quarterly charge would be $19.92  X 3 ERUs, or $59.76.

Storm Water Utility Information

Storm Water Utility Manual