Finance Department - Accounting & Treasurer

Mortgage Escrow Checks

As a reminder, some mortgage companies send escrow checks to a third party tax service before the payments are mailed to the City of Greenfield. In this case, your mortgage company may tell you the check was issued or wired on one date, but that would be the date that the payment was forwarded to the third party tax service. The Treasurer’s Office dates the payments based on when the escrow tax check is mailed (postmarked) to the City of Greenfield. We appreciate your patience with this process, as we are processing all mail received in a timely manner. Have a great day!

The Finance Department is committed to the financial integrity of the City by providing accurate and timely financial information to the Common Council, the various Boards & Committees, the Mayor and other City Departments. By doing so, those parties are able to make appropriate decisions to effectively manage the City’s operations. The Finance Department consists of 3 areas: Accounting Division, Treasurer’s Division, and Assessor’s Office.

Specific responsibilities of the Finance Department include:

Accounts payable

Accounts receivable

Billing and collections

Cash and investment management

Debt management

Maintenance of all financial records

Budget development, monitoring, and administration

Preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports, including distribution of the annual audit

Payroll processing and related records management

Property tax collections

Governmental reporting requirements