Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Comprehensive Plan Update Overview

In 2019, the City of Greenfield began updating its Comprehensive Plan in accordance with a 10-year update required by State Law.  The Comprehensive Plan is intended to represent a vision of Greenfield’s future. The plan itself is not a regulation, but serves as a long-term guide for the community, helping City leaders with decision making and setting policies. The last time the City undertook a complete re-write of its plan was in 2008. 

What are the contents of a Comprehensive Plan?

A typical Comprehensive Plan outlines the existing conditions of the City, describes future goals and objectives for development, and includes an action plan on how to achieve these goals and objectives. The Greenfield Comprehensive Plan update will include plans addressing:

  • Land use, Development, and Historic Preservation
  • Housing & Residential Areas
  • Economic Development & Commercial and Industrial Areas
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Parks, Trails, and Recreation
  • Open Space and Environmental Features
  • Community Facilities and Services
  • Specific Sub-Areas

2020 Comprehensive Plan