Citizen Police Academy

The Citizen Police Academy is a community outreach program designed to allow member of the community the opportunity to meet the men and women who serve them, and to learn the how’s and whys of law enforcement. The primary objectives of the Citizen Police Academy are:
  • To increase citizen awareness of a police officer's job responsibilities
  • To improve communication with citizens and create an understanding between police department employees and residents of the community
  • To educate citizens of the community who can assist in the dissemination of information to the public concerning operations of the department


Participants are shown a realistic view of the department. A wide variety of topics are discussed from an introduction to the police department to understanding patrol procedures, state statutes and traffic law, officer survival and use of force, criminal investigation, evidence collection, crime prevention and police officer requirements to mention a few. Lessons are augmented by hands-on activities.


Anyone 18 years or older may participate. Residents or those employed in Greenfield will receive preference for openings to attend the Citizen Police Academy. All applicants must have a clear criminal record and a minimal driving violation record. Selection of applicants will be made to ensure a cross-section of citizenry in each class to maximize perspectives, observations, and personal experience. Attendance of 80% of the scheduled sessions is required for graduation. 

If you would like to be notified when the next academy is scheduled, please contact Captain Eric Lindstrom.

Selection Process

The department reserves the right to select academy participants to maintain a diverse cohort group. Not all applicants will be selected for the Citizen Police Academy. Applicant background, prior police contacts, character, and prior criminal conduct will all be considered when determining whether an applicant is suitable for the academy. For answers to specific questions, please contact Captain Eric Lindstrom.


The Greenfield Citizen Police Academy typically runs during March and April. The course consists of 9 sessions with the last session serving as graduation. The class meets Thursday evenings from 6:30PM to 9:00PM at the Greenfield Law Enforcement Center. During the Citizen Police Academy students may participate in a ride-a-long with an officer and sit in and observe the communication / dispatch center.